Our Terminals

In Europe, Our operations with our Partners give us a large operational efficiency in major terminals with a capacity of 14, 631, 465 (CBM).We have become one of the largest company in the competitive field of petroleum storage and terminal operations. We leads the way in defining and designing efficient, services for the storage of petroleum and petrochemical products, enabling us to transition into the future.

LLC Bunkerpasifik has wide and long experience working with fuel oils. Based on this and in combination with our specialized testing work, we have deep understanding of fuel composition and the operational difficulties that may be encountered. When required by clients, our Technical Advisers are able to assist in trouble shooting by visiting the vessel to discuss the case with ship’s staff and to provide support in investigations as well as collection of information and evidence during inspection of the installation..


Our mission in "LLC Bunkerpasifik" is to ensure safe, reliable and effective storage and handling of bulk liquid products at key marine locations that are critical to our customers around the world.